Feedback from Let’s talk mental health matters

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Peter Thornton QC presenting ‘Improving mental health and sharing learning from inquests’

Our Let’s talk mental health matters event held in London in June attracted over sixty members to share their learning experience and perspectives of best practice models for preventing mental health suicide and homicides.

Deeply personal and touching patient stories were shared for the purpose of highlighting what to behaviours or activity should be stopped or where to shift the focus of intervention, so that harm is prevented.

At East London Foundation Trust we heard how patients are fully immersed and encouraged to self-manage. It was widely acknowledged that more genuine patient and family involvement is needed, alongside a more open culture where learning from mistakes is both normal and encouraged.

Speakers shared their experience on how they ensure clarity by having truthful conversations with patients and families, however uncomfortable, and double-checked understanding. Families understandably want lessons to be learned from mistakes and action to be taken as a result of them.

Peter Thornton QC highlighted the role of the coroner in helping trusts and Helen Vernon, Chief Executive of NHS Resolution, share how we are supporting members. NHS Resolution’s Safety and learning service were asked to extend future events to include the paediatric population and explore how the learning from mediations can be shared.

If you missed the day and would like to view presentations or you have any questions, please do contact