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Supporting the Covid-19 response and NHS staff working during the pandemic

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In December, a joint letter from ourselves, NHS England and NHS Improvement, and the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), was sent to providers to outline the indemnity arrangements for the Covid-19 vaccination programme. The letter provided reassurance to healthcare professionals and others working and volunteering in the NHS in England regarding the indemnity arrangements in place.

Given the speed and urgency of the rollout, we are continually updating our series of FAQs that tackle some of the questions arising from both primary and secondary providers, alongside community pharmacists.

Clinical Negligence Scheme for Coronavirus
The Clinical Negligence Scheme for Coronavirus (CNSC) has been operating for a number of months now, providing additional indemnity coverage for clinical negligence liabilities that may arise when healthcare workers and others are working as part of the coronavirus response or undertaking NHS work to backfill others, in the event that existing arrangements do not cover a particular activity. We’ve created a dedicated page where you can find supporting information, details on when and how to report a claim, and a number of FAQs. Any general queries concerning the arrangements should be directed by email to

Designated care settings

The Department of Health and Social Care has launched the Designated Settings Indemnity Support to manage the safe transfer of people who are being discharged from hospitals to care homes and who are infectious with Covid-19. The Designated Settings Indemnity Support, which, following a recent extension, will run up to and including 30 June 2021, will address gaps in insurance for care homes assured by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as designated settings.

The indemnity support will provide state cover for clinical negligence, employer’s liability and public liability to fill gaps where designated care home settings have been unable to secure sufficient insurance cover. Under the Designated Settings Indemnity Support, care providers will be sub-contracted by NHS Trusts to provide CQC assured Designated Settings services. They will be able to access clinical negligence cover through the Trust’s existing membership of NHS Resolution’s Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts (CNST) and employer’s and public liability cover under the new Coronavirus Temporary Indemnity Scheme (CTIS).

The indemnity arrangements will be supervised by DHSC and administered by NHS Resolution. We have published some frequently asked questions about the Designated Settings Indemnity Support here. For more information on the indemnity arrangements, please contact

Hotel discharge
To assist with the discharge of patients from hospital who require short term step down care, for example those awaiting social care packages, DHSC has worked with some hotel providers to arrange for the use of their premises. Such premises will be treated as the occupant’s temporary residence.

The hotel will be providing public liability and employer’s liability cover under the terms of their existing indemnity arrangements. Any ongoing clinical care, such as blood tests, will be conducted by the community trust in the usual way and covered under our CNST scheme.

Lateral flow community testing
To assist the national Test and Trace programme, indemnity cover is being provided under our CNSC scheme for local authorities who are running lateral flow testing for asymptomatic people. The local authority is commissioned by way of a collaborative agreement with DHSC. Any general queries concerning the arrangements should be directed by email to