Publication of Board meeting information

Publication of Board meeting documentation

Our Board holds regular meetings which are not open to public attendance, but we do aim where possible to publish papers and minutes within ten days of these meetings.

Where papers are not published this is because they fall in one or more of the categories shown below:

  • Any matter arising from a contract of employment or otherwise concerning an employee and/or officer of the Board. Contract negotiations and all other commercially sensitive matters, including comments on the performance of suppliers to NHS Resolution.
  • Actual or anticipated litigation, including any arbitration or dispute resolution process.
  • Any matter which involves the consideration of confidential information held by or provided to NHS Resolution including information which cannot be disclosed without breaching Data Protection principles.
  • Relates to any matter relevant to the prevention or detection of crime or the prosecution of offenders.
  • Relates to matters which if disclosed may adversely affect the delivery of our strategic objectives.
  • Relates to early stages in developing policy or consultations where matters under consideration are not yet in the public domain.
  • Contains information provided to NHS Resolution under license which prohibits publication, or by other bodies on the understanding that confidentiality of such information will be preserved.
  • Minutes of meetings which¬†have not yet been approved.

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