Data and insights

Our vision

Our vision is to be at the forefront of healthcare claims analysis. We hold one of the largest databases of healthcare-related compensation claims in the world, complemented by data on practitioner performance concerns and the causes of contracting disputes in primary care. This is over 25 years’ worth of data on concerns raised about NHS care. We have a duty to use this information responsibly to drive positive change for patients and staff.

In addition to this, we will use our data more effectively to improve service delivery. We will adopt a more data-driven approach to ensure that we continually deliver best value for public funds.

All of this activity will be delivered within the boundaries of the relevant legislation.

Our aims

We will do more to share our specialist knowledge and technical expertise across the health and justice systems by:

  • Systematically gathering, analysing and acting on quantitative and qualitative data that enables us to support healthcare organisations and our system partners to identify and resolve concerns about individual, team or system performance as early as possible.
  • Proactively explaining the data we hold while promoting more shared analysis across national bodies, clinical colleagues, academics and other researchers in a consistent way that helps others to combine our data and insights.
  • Reviewing where we can align our datasets with others. Publishing and supporting research and associated insights which draw and build on the unique data we hold to share learning across the healthcare landscape.
  • Collaborating with others to develop a deeper, system-wide understanding of those areas within our unique expertise.
  • Looking at causes and solutions that focus beyond individuals and take into account the human and systems factors as well as the context in which healthcare is delivered.
  • Providing comprehensive and practical learning programmes that continue to build local capacity and capability, drawing on the unique insights from our casework data and what we know works.
  • Increasing our influence so that healthcare providers have greater regard to our insights, reviewing opportunities to develop levers through our scheme pricing or our statutory framework to achieve this.

In order to succeed, we will need to build up our analytical capacity, capability and processes so we are better placed to use our data effectively while operating a more efficient business. We will do this by:

  • Using analytical tools that are relevant, flexible and adaptable to the full range of our service users’ needs, including those in general practice, secondary care and integrated care systems as well as other national partners.
  • Capturing data that enables us to highlight opportunities to address health inequalities and/or improve equality in experience for healthcare staff.
  • Calling on clinical expertise and working with key stakeholders such as the royal colleges to ensure our insights are clinically credible and relevant to those on the frontline.
  • Consulting patients and their representative bodies to inform our approach to using patient data for claims learning while better understanding their experience to improve our outputs.
  • Evaluating our services to ensure they are delivering the required impact and are continually improving.
  • Using data to drive internal improvements with management information available on a self service basis to oversee smooth operations and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Working with DHSC and others to determine how the relevant legal framework can support/enable us to deliver our ambitions.
  • Reviewing our internal knowledge management systems and processes and ensuring staff are equipped to make any required changes.

What will success look like?

  • Key stakeholders understand the unique value that we bring to the health and justice systems and we are sought out for our expertise and insight.
  • We are able to demonstrate how our work adds value.
  • Insights from our Safety and Learning service help healthcare leaders to deploy focused, insight-driven interventions that reduce the risks associated with our casework.
  • Insights from our Advice service help to improve the capability to deliver local resolution of performance concerns, aiding staff to make safe decisions.
  • Insights from our Appeals service increase understanding of the provision, scope and application of relevant regulations and associated frameworks which improves local decision making around primary care contracting. Primary care commissioners and contractors have access to relevant guidance and online access to all of our decisions to support learning. This includes insights on our approach to decision making and identifying where the system is not working to help pre empt and address issues earlier in the process.
  • We meaningfully contribute to the vital work to promote equality, diversity and inclusion and reduce healthcare-related inequalities.
  • We routinely use data to inform our decision making and ensure we are operating in the most efficient way and our embedded knowledge management system ensures that we retain expertise within our organisation.

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