People and systems

The NHS is about to embark on the most significant restructuring in a decade while continuing to respond to the global pandemic. The changes will see healthcare being delivered through a more integrated, place-based model, with staff being assisted by improvements in data and technology. We will transform our business alongside the rest of the NHS to ensure we continue to meet changing structures and needs. We have initiated two major change programmes, investing both in our people and our systems to continue delivering best value. We will also build on the significant progress made in developing our indemnity schemes to ensure these remain fit for purpose.

Our strength lies in our people – in their expertise, commitment to public service and passion for what we do. This has allowed us to respond to a range of recent challenges including delivering new indemnity schemes for general practice and pandemic-related indemnity solutions. As we grow to accommodate these new responsibilities, we will continue to invest in our people, providing them with the right systems, technology, data and workspaces while creating opportunities for them to specialise, collaborate and innovate.

Our aims

We will support our staff by:

  • Investing in their development, using the nine indicators of the Investors in People framework to monitor and improve our performance.
  • Developing a People Strategy which takes into account the priorities set out within the NHS People Plan and supports the delivery of our planned transformational change programmes.
  • Continuing to provide our staff with health and well-being support given the ongoing impact of the pandemic and throughout a period of planned change.
  • Driving equality, diversity and inclusion across the organisation, ensuring that fair treatment and inclusion are at the heart of everything we do.
  • Creating a People Committee to oversee and ensure progress against this activity.

We will improve our operational delivery by:

  • Launching a new operating model, including through our Claims Evolution Programme. This will fully integrate our new indemnity schemes while aligning our Claims, Advice and Safety and Learning services with the new integrated care systems to help gain the best value from the unique perspective we have across all of our services.
  • In-sourcing work that can be undertaken more cost effectively by our highly skilled staff.
  • Reviewing the scope of our indemnity schemes, ensuring they enable the NHS to deliver more integrated healthcare services, using the latest technology and working in partnership with the independent sector.
  • Reviewing our scheme pricing methodology to account for changes to how NHS services will be funded as part of the reforms set out in the Health and Care Bill and the move towards integrated care systems.
  • Ensuring that existing and potential users of our services are kept aware of how we can support them and have input into the development of what we deliver.
  • Ensuring that our Appeals service responds quickly and effectively to changes in the primary care commissioning landscape, including by providing training to integrated care systems.
  • Reviewing our response to the Covid-19 pandemic, including our business continuity arrangements and how we can normalise the positive aspects of our revised ways of working into all of our services.

We will improve the technology we use by:

  • Delivering a range of technological improvements through our Core Systems Programme through the delivery of flexible, configurable tooling that can respond to changes rapidly and easily. This will provide service users with easy, intuitive and secure access to our systems, aligned with NHS standards allowing for a more ‘frictionless’ experience.
  • Delivering better value through streamlined, system-driven processes and other enhanced functionality, and further supporting our drive to deliver flexible, hybrid ways of working so that we are able to recruit and retain the best talent from across the country.

What will success look like?

  • We have an engaged, developed and representative workforce at all levels of our organisation, capable of embracing change and supported by an effective talent management and succession planning framework. This is monitored and evidenced by an internal yearly review and formal re-accreditation in February 2023 through the Investors in People standards.
  • Continued improvement in staff survey results, particularly in relation to equality, diversity and inclusion themes, dignity at work and staff well-being.
  • Attracting, recruiting and retaining a workforce that reflects the diversity of the London and Leeds populations as our principal employment markets. This includes growing our Leeds presence in line with the Levelling Up agenda.
  • Improvement in our gender pay gap and performance against specific programmes/accreditations such as the Race at Work Charter and the Disability Confident Scheme.
  • The effective use of available national tools to inform change such as the Workforce Race Equality Standard and Workforce Disability Equality Standard.
  • Our people are conversant with the range of digital transformations happening across the health and justice sectors and are able to provide our services in that context.
  • Our people are able to work collaboratively across the health system, using open channels of communication, modern equipment and effective workplaces – whether at home, on the move or in one of our Government hub offices.
  • Our Claims Evolution Programme delivers measurable financial benefit through more efficient resolution and management of claims.
  • We deliver more effective and efficient services in a way that makes our service users’ lives easier.
  • Our service users are aware of our support and understand the value we add to the system.
  • Our Core Systems Programme delivers measurable benefit across all of our services and a reduced risk of reliance on legacy systems.
  • Our modernised systems allow us to continually improve our effectiveness and efficiency and keep pace with future developments in areas such as robotic process automation and Artificial Intelligence.

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