Fit for purpose

Our aims

  • Delivering services that are needed, add value and preserve resources for patient care
  • Ensuring we have the right skills and resources in place to deliver our services as well as other expectations which are placed on us
  • Continuous improvement and delivering services with the most effective use of our resources

What we will continue to do in 2018/19

Maintain and upgrade the IT infrastructure and operational processes to meet our needs, streamline process and reduce our running costs including bringing our case management systems onto one platform removing the reliance on and cost of disparate suppliers.

Undertaking a rolling programme of changes to our core systems to increase efficiency and support new services (such as mediation) in parallel with our broader core systems review.

Monitor and increase our response to cyber security threats, learning from our own experience and that of others in order to invest in effective security measures.

Alongside our preparation for the General Data Protection Regulation, learn from the steps others, such as our arm’s length body partners are taking and share best practice and precedents.

Implement our improvement plan in line with the Investors in People framework.

Further build on our quality assurance processes, including audit and compliance, with further investment required in these areas in order support our role as administrator of the proposed state backed general practice indemnity scheme.

Undertake a review of our legal compliance, including considering with the Department of Health and Social Care whether further changes are required to our regulations/directions to support delivery against all areas of our strategy and requests of us.

Use the findings of the 2016/17 customer satisfaction survey to implement an action plan to implement changes to our services and continue our work to improve the quality of our engagement with our stakeholders.

Embed and develop our new brand taking further steps to integrate our operations under a single identity.

Further improve our governance processes including commissioning, delivery and benefits realisation for new projects by evolving our programme management office.

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