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Our aims

  • To help the health and justice systems, organisations and individuals identify and address issues driving costs and use this information to devise and signpost interventions.
  • To understand and respond to the drivers of cost and our customers’ needs.
  • To share what we know to inform policy development.

What we will continue to do in 2019/20

Provide expertise and advice to support government in the development of a cross-government strategy to address the rising costs of clinical negligence. This includes sharing insight with policy makers on any proposed changes to fixed recoverable costs for lower value clinical negligence claims.

Incentivise improvements in patient safety by sharing insights from claims to improve services. An area of focus will include using claims scorecard information to work with trusts, clinicians and commissioners to drive awareness of local claims data and apply learning.

Work collaboratively with a range of partner organisations across the safety system to enable trusts to understand their claims profile and where further improvement is required. This will involve:

  • continuing to work closely with others, such as the Care Quality Commission, the Getting It Right First Time programme, the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch, NHS England and NHS Improvement’s national patient safety team.
  • contributing to key patient safety initiatives including the Maternity Transformation Programme and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists’ Each Baby Counts programme.

Keep the NHS up to date on how the developing law might affect day-to-day practice or future liabilities. We will do this through the timely publication of key decisions in healthcare law, either directly or via our legal and costs panel suppliers.

Survey those we work with about all of our operations, in order to obtain comprehensive feedback on our services. The results will build on last year, and be used to benchmark and monitor progress.

Provide education to users of our Pharmacy Appeal Service and Medical, Dental and Ophthalmic Dispute Resolution service users via training courses and online guidance.

Support patient safety by receiving and recording Performer List Notifications from NHS England, and UK wide health organisations so that we can provide a robust web checking service for NHS England following applications to join primary care lists.

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