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Our aims

  •  To work in partnership with NHS trusts, patients and healthcare staff to improve the way in which the NHS responds to incidents.
  • To inform and implement policy initiatives effectively.
  • To play a unique role in incentivising safety improvement, using the indemnity schemes as both a platform for learning and a lever for change.
  • To provide the system with access to a range of intervention services that uses our expertise to support improvement.

What we will continue to do in 2019/20

Help maternity services across England deliver better care to mothers and their babies by continuing to work with families, and NHS trusts, right from the start, in relation to those rare but tragic cases which result in brain injury at birth with life-long care requirements.

Work with our national maternity partners1 to deliver year two of the maternity incentive scheme. Using the pricing lever of the CNST, the scheme will continue to incentivise action delivering demonstrable improvements in safety, ultimately reducing harm and the resulting cost of claims.

Provide up to sixteen safety and learning regional forums and two national events across England, bringing together clinicians to share best practice across a range of areas.

Deliver a range of tailored assessment and intervention products, including the assisted mediation service, for managing concerns about individual practitioner performance.

Demonstrate closer working with partner organisations such as the Care Quality Commission, Health Education England, NHS England and NHS Improvement, to collectively improve safety. A key part of this work will include seeking out opportunities with our partners to develop resources, engaging with commissioners to support members in learning from harm and contributing to the Care Quality Commission’s insight into organisations.

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