Our aims

  • Build on our experience of early notification of brain damage at birth in order to deliver a compassionate response when it matters to patients, families and healthcare staff
  • Share and drive best practice in the resolution of concerns as early as possible and so support NHS providers in delivering transparency and candour in practice
  • Deliver cost-effective dispute resolution services for Primary Care Appeals (formerly the Family Health Service Appeals Unit), Practitioner Performance Advice (formerly the National Clinical Assessment Service) and Claims Management
  • Inform and implement changes to the legal environment; reducing litigation, driving out unnecessary associated legal costs and increasing the use of alternative dispute resolution
  • Support Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and others in the design and implementation of a state backed scheme for the administration of general practice indemnity as well as developing existing schemes so as to support the development of general practice and new models of care
  • Learn more about what motivates people to claim and use that to inform our interventions. Closely monitor and respond to changes in the profile of claims reporting and settlement, in particular in relation to the uncertainty surrounding the Personal Injury Discount Rate (PIDR) in order to support financial control
  • Increase the range of our Practitioner Performance Advice service and continue to build the educational support here and in our Primary Care Appeals service in order to reduce the need for our services overall, increase income and reduce reliance on grant-in-aid funding

What we will continue to do in 2018/19

Resolve high numbers of clinical and non-clinical claims fairly, reaching the right answer as quickly as we can and as far as possible, keeping cases out of formal court proceedings. We will need to continue to resist payment on cases where there has been no negligence and contest excessive claims for damages and costs. We will aim to resolve as many cases as we receive in the year but will also need to balance speed of resolution against the risk of overpayment whilst guarding against claims fraud. Deliver transparent, robust and impartial resolution in the field of primary care contracting disputes with decisions routinely published on our website. We will continue to build upon the success of our education programme, and learning from our decisions, in order to reduce the need for our services in this area.

Deliver effective management of requests for advice from healthcare organisations in relation to individual clinicians, raise awareness of and continue to deliver high quality education services to support organisations resolving concerns locally and continue to reduce reliance on grant-in-aid funding. Develop our work to explore what causes people to make a claim for compensation so that we can deliver resolution in a way which best meets those needs; be that by an explanation, apology, positive steps to learn lessons, financial compensation or some other means. Build our mediation services across the business, increasing the uptake and interest in claims mediation and building capability in handling the mediation process both in-house and across legal services providers.

Ensure delivery of efficient and high quality services from key suppliers to deliver claims resolution of greater value to our customers. This will include tenders in 2018/19 for our legal costs and loss adjuster services whilst working to control our spend and improve the quality of service provision from experts and counsel. Develop our workforce so that we can deliver a customer focused service with a compassionate, personalised approach utilising the expertise of our Mental Health Fellow to support us in how we respond to claims brought by mental health patients without legal representation. Support patient safety by receiving and recording Performer List Notifications from NHS England, and UK wide health organisations so that we can provide a robust web checking service for NHS England following applications to join primary care lists.

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