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Our aims

  •  To continue to provide cost effective dispute resolution services.
  •  To reduce litigation and increase the use of alternative dispute resolution.
  • To reduce the unnecessary costs attached to claims and inform policy initiatives designed to achieve this outcome.
  • To extend the reach of Performance Practitioner Advice into organisations that are currently not using its services, particularly when there is a serious incident or safety concern.

What we will continue to do in 2019/20

Resolve clinical and non-clinical claims fairly with the aim of getting to the right answer as quickly as we can and, as far as possible, keeping cases out of formal court proceedings. Working with claimant law firms to find the most appropriate way to resolve claims will be essential in identifying groups of claims to achieve resolution without the need for litigation or trial. We continue to resist payment on cases where the treatment was appropriate and contest excessive claims for damages and costs.

Evolve our operating processes so that we focus our efforts on resolving claims earlier in the process, shortening the time to resolution, whilst balancing cost. Continuously improving the data we capture will also enhance our ability to provide visibility on claims trends whilst supporting efforts to reduce time to resolution and associated costs. We shall resolve at least as many cases as we receive in the year, balancing speed of resolution against the risk of overpayment and guarding against claims fraud.

Deliver transparent, robust and impartial resolution in the field of primary care contracting disputes with decisions routinely published on our website. We will continue to build upon the success of our education programme, and share learning from our decisions, in order to reduce the need for our services in this area.

Deliver effective management of requests for advice from healthcare organisations in relation to individual clinicians, raise awareness of and continue to deliver high quality education services to support organisations resolving concerns locally.

Build on our research into why some people make a claim by providing resources to support members and clinicians in being open, candid and where appropriate, providing a sincere apology. We will also work with others, such as the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman (PHSO), to identify opportunities for the NHS to get better at complaints, incident and claims handling, and will explore some shared training opportunities for NHS complaints staff. We will also shape the debate around ways to better support duty of candour and the creation of a just culture in the NHS, as well as continue to provide platforms for patients and families to share their experience of how the NHS can improve.

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