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Covid-19 vaccination records

Please note that NHS Resolution cannot assist with any enquiries concerning Covid-19 vaccination records. This does not fall under our remit and we do not have the means of resolving any issue(s) for you.

If you find that the NHS App and/or the NHS Covid Pass does not accurately reflect your Covid-19 vaccination record, you will need to raise this with your general practice. Your general practice will be able to ensure that your Covid-19 vaccination record is corrected and/or updated in line with the evidence that you produce of your Covid vaccination(s) having taken place. If necessary, they will be able to liaise with NHS Digital to resolve any technical issues (eg: if you have ended up with two separate NHS numbers/records, perhaps through receiving the two vaccinations at different sites and/or via different providers, and the records need to be merged).

Should you not be registered with a general practice, you will need to contact your local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for assistance. If you are unclear which CCG you belong to, you can find the CCG that covers the area where you currently live through this CCG list.

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