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CEDR online conference

CEDR online conference


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Time: 1.00pm - 3.00pm

Cost to attend: Payment required

Organiser: CEDR

Event type: Conference

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About this event

CEDR online conference will be split in a three part series.

Julienne Vernon, Head of Dispute Resolution and Quality at NHS Resolution, John Munton, Director of Dispute Resolution Services, and Graham Massie, CEDR Chief Operating Officer of CEDR & Mediator will be interviewed by Dr Karl Mackie CBE, CEDR Founder President, on:

  • What has been the main driver for the development of specific Dispute Resolution schemes?
  • What is the wider impact of these schemes and how has it achieved social as well as economic benefit?
  • What processes have been most successful for scheme dispute resolution and why?
  • What will be the success stories of the future? And how will these be measured?
  • Can contracted dispute resolution work in all areas of business life?
  • Will processes continue to evolve or have we reached some ideals that are unlikely to change?


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