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Inquests training (in the current Covid-19 era)

Inquests training (in the current Covid-19 era)


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Cost to attend: Free

Organiser: Hempsons

Event theme(s): Inquests

Event type: Webinar

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About this event

This webinar is organised by Hempsons.

The webinar will be hosted by Elspeth Rose, Inquest Solicitor, Hempsons and Consultant Psychiatrist and Inquest Witness, Louise Theodosiou, from Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust.

The online training will cover:

  • what is an inquest, why is an inquest being held and why may you be asked to give evidence;
  • how to prepare for being called to an inquest including how to write effective witness statements and updated action plans;
  • legal obligations of disclosure in line with Direction Orders;
  • your professional responsibilities, ensuring that, if required, you have support from the Senior Team with your hospital site/Department;
  • Louise’s point of view and experience of preparing for and giving live evidence;
  • how can you help colleagues / people you manage to give evidence;
  • what to expect while the inquest is ongoing; thinking about the other people who may attend;
  • socially distant / virtual hearings- things to consider: how to give your evidence effectively be it in person or virtually, where to give evidence when working from home, who is able to attend and how the inquest will be managed by the HMC in respect of recording of the inquest etc.

The session will be followed by a live Q&A.

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