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Learning from claims – Cauda Equina Syndrome

Learning from claims – Cauda Equina Syndrome

Online event

Event details:


Time: 12.30 – 1.45pm

Cost to attend: Free

Organiser: NHS Resolution

Event theme(s): Claims, Negligence

Event type: Webinar

Event location:

online event

About this event

NHS Resolution Safety and Learning team are pleased to confirm that all our complimentary learning forums are now being delivered virtually on a closed basis for our individual organisations and their staff.

Our virtual classrooms are easy to navigate with instant access to real time learning and the opportunity to contribute to discussions and have your questions answered.

Our claims insights will highlight common risk themes we have observed as well as solutions to how some of the risks have been reduced by making systemic and systematic changes

Key Objectives

  • Share insights of clinical thematic trends observed in Cauda Equina Syndrome claims over the past ten years
  • Inform patient centred care by hearing a patient perspective about incident and claims management
  • Gain an improved understanding about legal obligations in caring for those with Cauda Equina and opportunities to improve patient care and system care pathways to prevent future harm
  • Contribute to expert debate on key challenges and how to overcome these in delivering Cauda Equina Syndrome care
  • Raise awareness of scorecards to enable healthcare professionals / clinicians to review their own trusts claims for Cauda Equina Syndrome and identify themes, trends and areas for learning from their trust scorecard
  • Opportunity to share and spread learning from harm and discuss adaptive solutions that can be adopted to promote safety and learning in Cauda Equina Syndrome

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