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The invisible gorilla: Why do radiologists make mistakes?

The invisible gorilla: Why do radiologists make mistakes?

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Time: 1.00pm - 2.00pm

Cost to attend: Free

Organiser: Hempsons

Event theme(s): Patient safety, Practitioner performance

Event type: Webinar

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About this event

This webinar is organised by Hempson.

Hempsons will be hosting a webinar, ‘The invisible gorilla: Why do radiologists make mistakes?’ presented by Dr Daniel Birchall, Consultant Neuroradiologist, on Tuesday 16 June at 1pm-2pm.

The failure of radiologists to perceive abnormalities on scans is unfortunate but common, and probably inevitable. Such failures often have serious clinical, organisation, personal and professional implications. It is important to understand, as far as possible, the causes for such failures of perception and, from a medicolegal vantage, to appreciate the reasons why errors in radiology is so prevalent. This webinar will explore the incidence of observational error, and the environmental and psycho-cognitive reasons for such error.

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