Weightmans, DAC Beachcroft and Browne Jacobson’s Maternity Forum: High risk, hard to reach patients

Weightmans, DAC Beachcroft and Browne Jacobson’s Maternity Forum: High risk, hard to reach patients

103 Colmore Row, Birmingham, B3 3AG

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Time: 10:00

Organiser: Weightmans, DAC Beachcroft and Browne Jacobson

Event theme(s): Maternity

Event type: Panel event

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About this event

A collaborative discussion around challenges being faced for NHS clinical colleagues.

Weightmans understand the importance of collaborative discussion and recognise the challenges in finding the time/opportunity to contribute to those discussions. The Midlands Clinical Collaborative will be hosting a programme of events alongside DAC Beachcroft and Browne Jacobson to focus on regionally relevant issues for NHS clinical colleagues and those working in claims, governance, risk and patient safety. Highlighting the prevalence of maternity scrutiny in our region, the first of these events will focus on regional maternity care with a focus on high risk, hard to reach patients.

The event is free to attend with lunch provided.


Karen Urbicki, Interim Safety & Learning Lead – Midlands & East, and Dr Alison Wonnacott, National Obstetric Clinical Fellow – Early Notification Team.

Karen and Alison will give an overview of how the functions of NHS Resolution aim to facilitate learning and drive improvement in maternity services, while managing claims in a fair and timely way.

Professor Angie Doshani, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust.

Dr Doshani has been at the forefront of developing health technology for UHL via the JANAM APP, an innovative mobile app which is designed to improve access to pregnancy information and consent processes for patients whose first language is not English. Angie will speak about how NHS Trusts can improve equity and accessibility to information for service users where English is not their first language.

Sadia Haqnawaz, Baby Lifeline’s Family Voices Group.

Sadia has been supporting women since 2010; after the loss of her baby daughter to a rare genetic disorder. She supports women whose babies receive a poor diagnosis due to genetic anomalies resulting from consanguineous marriages. Sadia has worked with Public Health Birmingham and the NHS to sensitively raise awareness of the options parents have regarding their pregnancy and care, to ensure they are supported in making an informed choice. Her work has led her onto a PhD exploring improving the care for women experiencing pregnancy loss and baby loss, at the University of Leicester. Sadia will discuss the importance of culturally sensitive care from a service user perspective.

Rhona Collis, Lead Midwife of Quality and Clinical Effectiveness, Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Rhona Collis has been the lead midwife for Risk and Governance in a large tertiary referral unit in Newcastle upon Tyne for the past 19 years. With over 33 years of experience in midwifery, Rhona has worked in all clinical areas of maternity, she has a wealth of experience in incident investigations and a passion for patient safety. Rhona works in a large tertiary unit which manages women with complex maternal and anticipated neonatal health issues referred from the North East region. Rhona will discuss complex and high-risk pregnancies, lessons learned from incidents she has investigated and practical learning secured for midwifery and obstetric colleagues.


Delegates will have the opportunity to attend and contribute to all three workshops.

The role of the CQC in maternity units: the risk of enforcement action and adverse inquest findings, led by Browne Jacobson
Triangulation of data and learning from claims – an early warning system, led by DAC Beachcroft
Consent in maternity (including the role of birthing plans/doula), led by Weightmans

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