Freedom of Information disclosure log

Fatality Claims (FOI_6521)

The following information was requested:

  1. How many clinical negligence claims involving a fatality were paid out in the 2022/23 financial years?
  2. What was the total amount of damages paid in relation to these claims?
  3. For the financial year 2022/23, please provide a breakdown of the cause of death, where a claim has been made of negligence involving the death and a payout was made to the claimant?
  4. In 2022/23 which ten NHS Trusts have had the most number of claims made against them for fatality where a payout has been made? For each of these ten trusts please provide (i) the name of the trust, (ii) the number of fatality claims paid out and (iii) the total value of the damages paid out in those claims.

NOTE: Please note that this question relates to the year in which the claim was settled, not the year the incident happened or the year the claim was lodged.

Claims – Hormonal coil (FOI_6511)

The following information was requested:

I’d like to request under FOI 2000:

  • The number of lawsuits involving a coil – by which I mean all hormonal and non-hormonal forms available on the NHS – brought against NHS GPs since NHS resolution took over responsibility for dealing with these cases
  • I would like to know, of those total lawsuits, how many involved: uterine perforation, a doctor failing to remove a coil before inserting another, a woman becoming pregnant after a possible error with her coil, incorrect fitting, a failure to identify pregnancy, and any other relevant categories where the reason is stated
  • I would like to know the number of those cases which resulted in compensation, the average compensation granted and the total compensation paid per year since your records began

Country where the medical practitioner responsible for the claim qualified (FOI_6512)

The following information was requested:

Of the clinical negligence claims that you handled in 23/24, what percentage of those claims involved medical practitioners who graduated from a non- UK University vs the percentage that involved medical practitioners who graduated from a UK university. If you could provide me the data from 22/23 and 21/22 also I would be grateful.

Missed diagnosis of Subarachnoid haemorrhage (FOI_6510)

The following information was requested:

Could you please let me have the following information:

Number of claims and amounts paid out by NHS Resolution for patients with a missed diagnosis of subarachnoid haemorrhage for the past 5 years?

[additional request made on 22 April 2024]

The project relates to patients in England who come to harm as a result of a missed or delayed diagnosis of non-trauma related subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH).

SAH is a type of brain haemorrhage usually due to rupture of a brain aneurysm. The diagnosis is usually made in Secondary care (Emergency Departments) and a smaller number also by GP’s. After diagnosis patients are transferred to Neurosurgery.

I would like to know the annual cost to the NHSR of claims relating to this mishap for the past 4 years please?

Stonewall (FOI_6509)

The following information was requested:

  1. What payments, if any, you made to Stonewall (officially Stonewall Equality Limited) in the financial year 2022/23.
  2. What payments, if any, you made to Stonewall in the financial year 2023/24.
  3. What payments, if any, you expect to make to Stonewall in the current financial year.

Office supplies (FOI_6504)

The following information was requested:

Please can you respond to the following request for Information.

The details I require are:

Spend on Office supplies and associated products for the below financial years.

  • 1 April 2022 – 31 March 2023
  • 1 April 2023 – 31 March 2024

Start date & duration of Contract?

Is there an extension clause in the contract and, if so, the duration of the extension?

Has a decision been made yet on whether the contract is to be either extended or renewed?

Who is the senior officer (outside of procurement) responsible for the contract?

Name of Incumbent Supplier?

How long have you traded with them?

If you publish your register of contracts and purchasing, can you please provide a website link.

In addition, can you confirm if you have a contract in place for Tail End Spend.

Wrongful Birth (FOI_6500)

The following information was requested:

In relation to the 2022/23 financial year please state how many claims you paid out where the injury code has been “wrongful birth” or “unwanted pregnancy” and what was the total paid out in damages and the total in costs for those claims. Please state how many of the claims involved the birth of children who were healthy, how much the damages were for those cases and what the total sum paid out was in those cases.

NOTE: The breakdown per year should be on the basis of the year in which the pa

Settlement agreements (FOI_6497)

The following information was requested:

I am writing to obtain information about your organisation’s spending on settlement agreements in 2020-21, 2021-22 and 2022-23.

Please include the following information:

  • The total number of settlement agreements for each financial year.
  • The total costs associated for each settlement agreement in each financial year.
  • This includes, but is not limited to, a payment of salary, payment in lieu of a notice period and payment of compensation for loss of office.

If you are unable to answer one of the questions, please continue and answer the subsequent ones.