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Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS

Freedom of information request details

FOI request date:

Service: Claims Management Specialty: Psychiatry/ Mental Health

The following information was requested:

  1. Please can you give me levels of payout in BSMHFT (Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS) in cases or claims of death of service users, by year, for up to 10 years past?
  2. To help your FOI obligation to questioner, and if your office thinks there are different levels or degrees of death circumstances of negligent/culpable/accidental etc (i.e Not natural causes), please give your classification, and commensurate payouts in £s /by class.
  3. Please give figures for longest period where data are available within 10 yrs AND to allow useful response within FOI cost limit, please provide data for as many years as you can up to max 10 years working backwards from latest figures, within your obligation.
  4. Please state why you refuse the request if you deem that to be the outcome.

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