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CCTV Maintenance

Freedom of information request details

FOI request date:

Service: Corporate

The following information was requested on:

The information I require is to do with the organisation’s CCTV maintenance and support contract.

You may have received the same request in the past and this information sent has now expired and I require an update as soon as possible.

Please can you send me the information stated below:

Supplier of the contract for CCTV maintenance and support

How much the Council spend annually with the supplier?

What is the renewal date of this contract?

What is the duration of the contract?

What is the review date of this contract? If possible the likely outcome of this review

The primary brand of the CCTV equipment. I don’t require the model just the brand.

The description of the services provided under this contract. Please state if this contract includes more that just CCTV services.

Contact details of the employee responsible for the contract between the supplier and the organisation. Can you please provide me with their full contact details.

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