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Extravasation claims

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Service: Claims Management

The following information was requested:

….as part of background research want to find out how much extravasation claims currently cost the NHS in litigation. I saw a freedom for information request stating that you do not code these injuries and wondered if that had since changed?

Children and the elderly are the highest at risk from these injuries and as you are aware the harm can be quite severe when patients have to undergo surgical intervention from the plastics team. Claims and complaints may be focussed on a different element of care which masks the incidence and frequency of these injuries.

Most concerning, there is no national standard for treating extravasation and it is difficult to find any literature at all on how much a claim costs due to these coding issues. Although, I managed to find one source which awarded £20000 to a child with an extravasation burn injury from a peripheral cannula on the arm.

I would appreciate if you could provide me with any information to answer the following questions and on work that is currently being done or has been done through NHS resolution as it will help inform our attempts to standardise and improve care for our patients at GSTT.

  1. How many extravasation injury claims (standalone or as part of a claim) has NHS resolution been involved with? (on a yearly basis-past 3 years and monthly basis)
  2. What is the estimated litigation cost and settlement figure for the extravasation injury component of these claims?
  3. What are the primary medications/solutions involved in these claims?
  4. Is there any variation in national distribution of extravasation injuries?

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