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Service: Claims Management

The following information was requested:


I plan to write an up-to-date article on litigation related to knee surgery in Orthopaedics including data for the last last 10 years.

The aim is really to inform Orthopaedic surgeons of recent trends in litigations.

Subsequently, prevent or decrease the number of claims and the involved costs for the NHS.

Wondering if you could kindly advise me what data is available for us to obtain and analyse using the freedom of information request.

I know there are many regulations regarding data protection and I can assure you of our utmost professionalism handling data securly.

We would be interested in following data for the last 10 years related to Orthopaedic surgery:

• Details of incident, with description of cause, injury, location and date of the incident.

• Total amount paid out with figures for damages, claimant and defence costs.

• Also if the claim is closed or open.

I would be most grateful if you could advise me how to obtain the data for all orthopaedic procedures and for knee related procedures.

Is there a special code we can use.

Also, how exhaustive are the details regarding the claim / incident? Does this provide enough data to obtain information which body part was involved and what procedure was carried out. e.g. Total knee replacement and wrong implant used, infection etc.


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