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Limb deformity

Freedom of information request details

FOI request date:

Service: Claims Management Cause: Fail / Delay Treatment, Failure/Delay Diagnosis Injury: Dislocation, Limb Deformity Specialty: Orthopaedic Surgery, Paediatric Surgery, Paediatrics

The following information was requested:

[FOLLOW UP TO FOI_3961] In relation to my request, would it be possible to limit the scope of the search, in order to bring it within the ‘appropriate limit’?

Firstly, by limiting the search to a five year period (2014-2018) and for compensation paid on behalf of Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust (BSUH) only, and screening all Incident Description fields for terms ‘developmental dysplasia of the hip’ or ‘DDH’?

Secondly, if this still generates too many files or if screening Incident Description fields isn’t possible, would it be possible to screen for files with the following codes:

Cause Code

  • CNST – Fail / Delay Treatment
  • CNST – Failure/ Delay Diagnosis
  • Injury Code
  • CNST – Dislocation
  • CNST – Limb Deformity

Speciality Code

  • CNST – Orthopaedic Surgery
  • CNST – Paediatric Surgery
  • CNST – Paediatrics

Finally, if the total number of cases/compensation is too small for exact numbers to be released, would it then be possible to expand the search, within the ‘appropriate limits’, to the original ten year period?

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