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Service: Claims Management

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I would like to request information about a number of miscommunications with claimants caused by either:

– Mental health problems of the NHS Resolution employees; or

– Corruption; or

– Sexual harassment – wanting sex in return for services; or

– A backlog of cases.

for claimants who are litigants-in-person and those who are represented as determined by the Complaints Department investigations, judiciary reviews, private investigations, and court decisions during last 10 years.

How long it has taken NHS Resolution to respond to communications by litigants-in-person on other claims during last 10 years?

What is the duration of responses, i.e. to disclose relevant documentation, medical reports, medical records, etc. in all other claims by litigants-in-person and also those claimants who are represented by solicitors during last 10 years?

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