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Medical and non-medical negligence claims

Freedom of information request details

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Service: Claims Management

The following information was requested:

I require information on all medical and non-medical negligence claims that have been paid out on behalf of any NHS trust, or in relation to any other public body, since the beginning of 2005. Specifically, I require the sum of payments made during each calendar year – or whatever consistent financial year basis is most convenient – split by:

The “accident” year in which the claim was incurred – i.e. based on the date of the incident occurring.

Whether the payment related to a claim settled within that year of payment, or agreed in a previous year, but part of an ongoing payment stream (in the style of a periodic payment order, but not necessarily limited to cases where a court has made such an order).

I also require a split of the claim reserve currently held in respect of each “accident” year, split according to whether it is held in respect of a claim already agreed in some form akin to a period payment order, or not.

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