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Pain Management

Freedom of information request details

FOI request date:

Service: Claims Management Specialty: Anaesthesia

The following information was requested:

  1. I am interested to know please if you have data on the breakdown of the anaesthesia claims that are referred to in the first graph (2888 claims).
  2. Do you have any further breakdown of the nature of those claims, and what I am particularly interested in is knowing how many of those claims were in relation to alleged pain management clinical negligence?
  3. Further, if you do have a sub-set knowledge of the pain management related claims could you share with me any further information as to what the underlying root causes were, e.g. failures in consent, failures in needle position with catastrophic neurological injury etc.
  4. From my interpretation of your graphical data it would appear that overall clinical negligence claims have reduced since 2012/13. What do you attribute this reduction in claims to? Is this as a consequence of the Get It right first time initiative?

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