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Psychiatry/Mental Health

Freedom of information request details

FOI request date:

Service: Claims Management Specialty: Psychiatry/ Mental Health

The following information was requested:

I see that in the 22 years up until 2017, there have been total 3306 clinical claims regarding psychiatry/psychology/mental-health, about 150 a year. About 2.5% of all claims. Could you clarify  whether GP-based mental health work is included in this category or in the GP category? Do you have figures on the number (and what percentage that is) of NHS patients in the psych/mental-health category? On what percentage of delivered services/treatments that is? (I gather it’s about 11% of the NHS budget?)

Could you provide the requested breakdown for 2016/17 (how many relate to psychotherapy vs medication vs ECT vs whatever other categories?). Also what learning has been done from the psychotherapy claims. I may then request the same for prior years. If there’s any easier where for you to do it please do let me know.

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