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Freedom of information request details

FOI request date:

Service: Claims Management Specialty: Rheumatology

The following information was requested:

For the period 2006/07-2016/17 I would like to make a freedom of information request relating to all litigation claims related to rheumatology. I would like to request the following information

1. How many claims per year were made related to rheumatology?

2. What was the amount that each successful claim in each year was settled for?

3. How many claims in each year were unsuccessful?

4. What was the total number of claims for the period?

5. What was the total amount of damages for the period?

6. What individual or groups were the target of each claim? i.e. how many GPs were sued? how many rhuematologists? How many hospitals? For each claim please outline who was

being claimed against.

7. For each claim in the time period – I would like to know what the nature of the claim was. i.e. Was it for death/disability/missed daignosis/delayed diagnosis/loss of limb etc

8. For each claim I would like to know the exact rheumatological condition that the claimant suffered from if known. i.e. did each claimant have SLE or RA or gout etc. Please indicate if

more than one diagnosis was present in addition.

9. Please list the top 5 reasons to claim and give damages associated with these claims

10. Please list the damages awarded to every successful claim

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