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Service: Claims Management

The following information was requested:


I have since found the NHS Resolution’s claims codes spreadsheet– specifically the Cause spreadsheet. So am aware of the different types of claims such as a fail to warn/informed

consent or failure/delay in diagnosis. May I therefore clarify my freedom of Information request.  I have attached the spreadsheet in which the causes have been listed.


I would therefore like to have access to the following:


For the longest amount of time (so dating back as far as possible to current day) as far is practicable for you.


What are the top ten causes from the causes spreadsheet in terms of the percentage of claims for each year that you have the data available. I would hopefully like to be able to see how the

figures have changed (or not) throughout time.


I can receive this in any form that is most easy for you, however a pdf would be most useful.


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