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Freedom of information request details

FOI request date:

Service: Claims Management

The following information was requested:

For the period 2006/07-2017/18 I would like to make a freedom of information request relating to all litigation claims related to tracheostomies. I would like to request the following information

  1. How many claims per year were made related to tracheostomy?
  2. What was the amount that each successful claim in each year was settled for?
  3. How many claims in each year were for surgical tracheostomy vs percutaneous tracheostomy?
  4. What were the top 5 reasons for claims?
  5. What was the total amount of damages for the period?
  6. What individual or groups were the target of each claim? e.g. surgeons, ward based care, community based care
  7. What proportion of claimants were adult vs children

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