Vibration and Chronic Hand Condition

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Service: Claims Management

The following information was requested:

I would like to request details of all litigation claims (successful and unsuccessful) across the United Kingdom in the decade 2010-2020 related to the following:

1. Occupational exposure to vibration/vibrating tools, AND

2. Hand surgery/surgical procedures/operation, AND/OR

3. Chronic hand conditions (details of all diagnoses, but especially Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Vibration White Finger Syndrome, Dupuytren’s Disease, Trigger Finger)

The primary aim is to describe the epidemiological trend in claims against employers related to occupational vibration exposure over 10 years, which correlates with the introduction of workers compensation in December 2019. In addition, it would be useful to learn the percentage of successful claims, and the amount of compensation paid in each case.

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