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Virtual fracture clinics

Freedom of information request details

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Service: Claims Management

The following information was requested on 18 March 2019:

I am interested in finding out how many claims were brought against ‘virtual fractures clinics’, national in the last year, and proceedings years, to establish if there is a growing trend of litigation in relation this growing area of practise.

These would be in relation to ‘orthopaedic fracture clinics’, in which an adults or childs xray and case notes (often from ED), are reviewed, and a clinical decision made on this basis. Virtual fracture clinics differ from ‘traditional fracture clinics’, in that the patient is not physically reviewed at the outset, but may be subsequent or discharged directly. Advantages and disadvantages to both.

The data obtained may be used for publication on the trend, in an effort to reassure or caution fellow practitioners, and to influence the use/setup of such clinics.
I would also be interested in your insight with regards to virtual fractures clinics.

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