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Wrong site surgery

Freedom of information request details

FOI request date:

Service: Claims Management Cause: Wrong Site Surgery

The following information was requested:

How many cases were brought against NHS England as a result of surgeries carried out on the wrong person where the surgeries occurred between April 2012 and the point in time at which you are responding to this e-mail.

Please provide a break-down for each financial year while providing the following information for each case:

1. A summary of the wrong site surgery

2. The trust, whose hospital the incident occurred at

3. Whether it resulted in a lawsuit and what the outcome was

4. Whether it resulted in an out-of-court settlement

5. Where the case has been closed/concluded, how much was paid out to the patient in the way of compensation and what this compensation was for exactly

6. Action taken post incident/ Lessons learned (including dismissals, disciplinary procedures or change in processes)

If point 5) would result in identifying the patient, please simply give the total paid out for each year and indicate how many cases it related to.


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