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The following information was requested: Please could you give me a break down of what department’s doctors, who have been found responsible for clinical negligence claims, worked in/work for from the beginning of financial year April 2015 to the end of March 2018. E.g. between …

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Dental damage

The following information was requested: I was hoping you could provide me with information about complaints made relating to dental damage under anaesthesia or during surgery, specifically the number of claims made during consecutive years from 2014 to the present; and how these complaints were …

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Ureter claims

The following information was requested: Regarding the FOI request FOI 2722, I was wondering if you are able to update the request so this is up to date (i.e. to include cases for 2018 and any additional cases from previous years)? “I am looking for …

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Pressure ulcers

The following information was requested: I am investigating the financial implications of patients developing pressure ulcers. I see that that there was a previous FOI request (FOI request 2484), would it be possible to receive an updated version of that FOI request? What I would …

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Injury Code

The following information was requested: A complete list of the injury codes which claims are categorised with. To give one example, I believe cerebral palsy is one such code, as NHS Resolution published a report on cerebral palsy claims in September 2017. Whether there is …

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The following information was requested: I am an eye surgeon in Oxford looking to complete a study relating to medico-legal claims within a subspecialty of ophthalmology. How would I go about gaining this information as a freedom of information enquiry? The specific key words for …

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