Freedom of information

What is freedom of information?

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI Act) gives the public the right to request any recorded information held by a public authority, including NHS Resolution. The purpose is to promote greater openness and accountability.

What the FOI Act covers

The FOI Act covers:

  • A general right of access to information held by NHS Resolution, subject to certain conditions and exemptions.
  • A duty on us to inform any person who requests information whether we hold the information, and to communicate that information to the applicant unless one or more exemptions apply.

The sort of information NHS Resolution holds on the website

Before you request information from NHS Resolution

Before you make a FOI request, we would recommend you considering the sort of information we hold (included above).

How do I request information held about me?

View more information on requesting information held about me.

What information must I include in my request?

The FOI Act requires certain information to be supplied before NHS Resolution can respond to your request:

  • Your real name – we do not have to respond to requests submitted under a pseudonym;
  • Your address (email addresses are acceptable);
  • A description of the information you wish to obtain; and
  • Any preferences for the format in which you wish to receive the information e.g. electronic or hard copy. We will endeavour to meet your preferences but cannot guarantee that we will be able to.

What happens when my request is received?

All public authorities have 20 working days to provide the information, subject to any exemptions. We pride ourselves on being an open organisation and will respond to all requests for information. While we will provide as much information as we can, due to the sensitivity of some of this information, the organisation has a duty of confidence to those making a claim. In line with FOI, this means that no information will be released which could lead to the identification of an individual. This is also in line with Data Protection requirements.

Our obligations

We are committed to openness and transparency and sharing of information where appropriate, whilst maintaining the confidentiality of personal sensitive information of patients and staff. We are also committed to working with the NHS and other interested parties to understand the information we hold and how it can be used to improve patient and staff safety.

Where possible, we will deal with requests for information informally and in the course of normal business. However, there will be circumstances in which either you or we consider that a request for information should be dealt with under the Freedom of Information legislation.

If your query has not been answered, having reviewed the documents referred to above, please use the form below. Please make sure you detail exactly what information you require. When you ask us for information, please try to be as clear as possible, and provide a time period the information should cover where relevant. This will help us understand your request and respond to you promptly. We might ask you for clarification if we are not sure what you are looking for.

FOI request

Freedom of information request form

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