Anti-fraud, bribery and corruption

This policy relates to all forms of fraud, corruption and bribery and is intended to provide direction and help to all those who work for NHS Resolution who may identify or suspect fraud. It provides a framework for responding to suspicions of fraud, advice and information on various aspects of fraud and implications of an investigation. It is not intended to provide a comprehensive approach to preventing and detecting fraud and corruption.

The overall aims of this policy are to:

  • Improve the knowledge and understanding of everyone in NHS Resolution, irrespective of their position, about the risk of fraud and corruption within the organisation and its unacceptability
  • Assist in promoting a climate of openness and a culture and environment where staff feel able to raise concerns sensibly and responsibly
  • Set out NHS Resolution’s responsibilities in terms of the deterrence, prevention, detection and investigation of fraud and corruption
  • Ensure that appropriate sanctions are considered following an investigation, which may include criminal prosecution, civil financial proceedings, disciplinary action and regulatory body referral.

This document sets out NHS Resolution’s policy for dealing with detected or suspected fraud and bribery, as incorporated in NHS Counter Fraud Authority Anti-Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Standards for Providers.

Policy date:

Policy category: Corporate governance