Subject access requests


You have the legal right to request a copy of the information we hold about you, in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What information we hold

NHS Resolution is an arm’s length body of the Department of Health and Social Care. We provide expertise to the NHS on resolving concerns and disputes fairly, sharing learning for improvement and preserving resources for patient care.

We have four key service areas:

Claims Management: delivering expertise in handling both clinical and non-clinical claims to members of our Indemnity Schemes.

Practitioner Performance Advice: providing advice, support and interventions in relation to concerns about the individual performance of Doctors, Dentists and Pharmacists.

Primary Care Appeals: offering an impartial resolution service for the fair handling of Primary Care contracting services.

Safety and Learning: supporting the NHS to better understand and learn from claims, concerns and disputes; to target safety activity while sharing learning across the NHS.

You can read more about the sort of data we collect under each of our services via the links below:

Please note, if you work or use to work for NHS Resolution, you can also request to see your employment records.

You can read more about the information we collect and the legal basis for collecting information in our Privacy Policy.

Please do not use this form if you require copies of your medical notes, (i.e. x-rays, scans, consultant/GP notes etc.) or correspondence between you and other NHS Providers (unless it is part of a formal claim that has been submitted to us), as we will not be able to assist you.

How to make a request

A)        For yourself

Only complete this form if you wish to obtain your information as held by NHS Resolution in line with data protection legislation.

Unless NHS Resolution has indicated otherwise, you will need to provide proof of identity:

  • a copy of either your passport or driving licence (photo ID);
  • a copy of one utility bill showing your current residential address.

Please note that the proof of address must be dated within the last 3 months.

NHSR is not obliged to comply with a request unless we are satisfied as to the identity of the person making the request.

Accordingly, while you may have already made a request to us by other means, we may still require you to supply us with additional information (as set out in this form).

B)        On behalf of someone else

If you are requesting information on behalf of someone else, you will need them to sign the authority for you to act on their behalf in Section C and the declaration in Section E of the form.

In some cases it may be necessary to provide additional evidence to show that you have the legal right to act on their behalf (i.e. Power of Attorney, Court Order)

There is no fee for processing a subject access request under the Data Protection legislation.

Submitting the request

Please send the completed form and copy identity documentation to

How will we process your request?

We will verify and shared your proof of identity documentation. We will aim to acknowledge receipt of your request within two working days. We may ask you to clarify the request where its terms are not clear to us or where we need additional information in order to search for the requested information.

Upon our receipt of a valid request, we will arrange for searches to be carried out for the requested personal information.

We may also ask you whether you require copies of particular communications which we suppose may already be in your possession (e.g. correspondence previously sent to you by us or by other parties).

Where the personal information requested by you is contained in records of communications with third parties (e.g. an employer or contracting body, a regulator, or a public authority), we will normally seek the views of each such third party on the issue of disclosure. We do this to inform our decision-making as to whether the disclosure of certain information (e.g. the personal information of staff members of the third party) would be lawful.

We will send the response to you securely by email, or if you wish to received it by post, we will send it to your residential address or to the business address of your representative by recorded delivery.


There is a one calendar month timeframe for responding to subject access requests. We will endeavour to respond to your request within one calendar month of receipt of a valid request.

Medical Records

Please note we do not hold medical records or correspondence between you and other NHS Providers (unless it is part of a formal claim that has been submitted to us).

You will need to contact the NHS Provider you have been in contact with or receiving a service from directly. If you are unsure of their contact details please visit the NHS England website here for further details.

Download a Subject Access Request form

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