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Behavioural assessment

The purpose of this assessment is to:

  • provide an independent view on the behavioural characteristics of the practitioner, including any areas which require consideration.
  • provide information to assist the referring organisation in decisions about the next steps in their management of the case.

Where the concerns about an individual practitioner primarily focus on their behaviours and relationships with colleagues, and where there is not misconduct requiring the use of disciplinary procedures, we may offer to undertake an assessment of the practitioner’s behaviours.

The assessment includes:

  • The practitioner completing two online psychometric questionnaires (the Revised NEO Personality Inventory and the Hogan Development Survey).
  • The practitioner attending an all-day appointment with a behavioural assessor (an occupational psychologist). The day involves  an in-depth interview, during which the assessor explores a range of aspects of the practitioner’s work, including: what they do in their job, which aspects they enjoy most and least, how they approach the different aspects and demands of their role etc. This typically lasts three to four hours. There is then a break (during which the psychologist reflects on the interview) and then gives initial feedback to the practitioner.
  • Alternatively, the appointment with the behavioural assessor can be delivered remotely by video conference (in these circumstances the appointment will be split across two working days).

The whole process takes about 8 weeks to complete, from the time we offer the behavioural assessment to the issue of the report.

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To find out more about behavioural assessments please refer to the information sheets covering face-to-face delivery or remote delivery or contact us directly:

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