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Professional support and remediation

We draft action plans for doctors, dentists and pharmacists who have been identified by their healthcare organisation as needing support to deliver sustained, safe and effective practice.

We provide two types of action plan, depending on the circumstances of the case:

Remediation action plans – where there is clear evidence identifying performance or behavioural concerns, such as a report from one of our assessments or another type of investigation. The focus of a remediation plan may be on knowledge, skills or behaviours, or a combination of these.

Return to work action plans – which support a practitioner’s reskilling and/or reintegration into clinical practice following a prolonged absence for any reason, usually in excess of three months. In some cases, there may be pre-existing performance concerns so some elements of remediation are also included in the action plan.

Action plans are developed following a careful review of each case, taking into account service needs, the practitioner’s working environment and their areas for development, such as leadership, patient/colleague interaction or other behavioural issues. After local discussion of the plan, it becomes an agreement between the healthcare organisation and the practitioner.

We also use our experience to provide constructive feedback on action plans drafted by other NHS organisations. We give an informed view on the feasibility of the proposed action plan and identify potential aspects that could be improved, while also considering the protection of patient safety as a priority.

Results of a review of the Professional Support and Remediation (PSR) service

We have made a number of improvements to the PSR service, following a recent review.

The review found that our core products were fit for purpose. However, it also identified a number of positive changes that could be made to the PSR service, while still maintaining the  parts of the service that our customers have told us they value (such as the structure, focus and relevance of our plans in supporting a return to safe and effective practice).

We will continue to offer the drafting of remediation and return to work action plans and to review plans which have been drafted by healthcare organisations. We have also:

  • Introduced a more efficient and effective way of managing requests for the PSR service.
  • Redesigned our action plan template, with clearer formatting, embedded guidance and glossary.
  • Produced an action planning framework template which we can use to show organisations what an action plan might look like in outline. Organisations can then use the framework to help them think about how an action plan might be constructed and to establish agreement with the practitioner that an action plan is required.
  • Taken steps to ensure that we keep all parties informed at each stage of the process and follow up to confirm the outcomes.
  • Made the overall process faster, by changing our processes (including how we draft and quality assure plan).
  • Published a new guide to support the process of clinical supervision, from considerations around the appointment of a supervisor through to the completion of an action plan.
  • Updated our behavioural agreement template, which also now includes embedded guidance and an example agreement. (Behavioural agreements can be used by healthcare organisations to help deal with situations where a practitioner is demonstrating inappropriate, disruptive and/or unprofessional behaviours.)
  • Improved our security plan template which can be used to make an agreement with a practitioner who has a relapsing illness.
  • Produced a template agreement that can be used when practitioners are undertaking clinical placements away from their usual place of employment.

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To find out more about the PSR service please refer to this information about action plans or contact us directly:

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