Assisted mediation

To help support the resolution of relationship difficulties between healthcare professionals, we also offer assisted mediation. Assisted mediation is an independent, voluntary and confidential process in which two accredited mediators work with the parties concerned to create a mutual understanding of the issues and to find a way forward that enables a more effective professional working relationship.

Our mediators, most of whom are also Advisers for the service, share their experience of what is realistically likely to work and can also signpost parties to other interventions, which may also be helpful.

The aim of the assisted mediation service is to enable a more professional working relationship between both parties, which leads to a positive impact on the immediate team and ultimately better patient care.

Where we have offered to undertake an assessment or other intervention, we will only proceed with the explicit agreement of both the practitioner and their healthcare organisation.

A decision on whether to offer an assisted mediation will be made, by our Intervention Consideration Group (ICG), based on the individual circumstances of the case. Please see: Assisted mediation – factors to consider in decision making.

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