Local assessment of clinical performance

A Local Assessment of Clinical Performance is a bespoke tool for use by healthcare organisations to assess aspects of a practitioner’s clinical performance about which there are concerns.  It is suitable for practitioners in all clinical specialties.

Practitioner Performance Advice drafts a framework for a local clinical assessment, based on information from the healthcare organisation about the concerns relating to the clinical performance of individual practitioners.  The framework consists of a range of tools and activities to enable healthcare organisations to assess specific areas of clinical performance.

In most cases, it will be necessary for the practitioner to have completed an action plan before the Local Assessment of Clinical Performance.  The action plan should contain SMART objectives, and these objectives then form the basis of the Local Assessment of Clinical Performance. (If the practitioner has not completed a local action plan, Practitioner Performance Advice can draft the action plan in the first instance.)

The local assessment is normally undertaken by clinicians who were not involved in the implementation of the action plan and are, therefore, independent of that process. The healthcare organisation identifies and sources the clinicians who undertake the assessment and who prepare a report with their findings.

When completed, the Local Assessment of Clinical Performance provides additional assurance to the practitioner’s employer/contractor about the performance of the practitioner in specific clinical domains.

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