Board meetings, minutes and papers

Members of the public can register for attendance at our annual general meeting once the date is published. To attend, please register your interest here as places are subject to availability.

Our Board holds regular meetings which are not open to public attendance but we do aim where possible to publish papers and minutes within ten working days from the meeting at which they were approved.

Where papers are not published this is because they fall in one or more of the following categories.

Previous meetings

Date Papers Minutes
12th March 2019 Awaiting confirmation Minutes
23rd January 2019 Awaiting confirmation Minutes
14th November 2018 Papers Minutes
11th September 2018 Papers Minutes
26th July 2018 Awaiting confirmation Minutes
18th July 2018 Papers Minutes
16th May 2018 Papers Minutes
20th March 2018 Papers Minutes
25th January 2018 Papers Minutes
8th November 2017 Papers Minutes
6th September 2017 Papers Minutes
10th August 2017 Awaiting confirmation Minutes
12th July 2017 Papers Minutes
17th May 2017 Papers Minutes
22nd March 2017 Papers Minutes
25th January 2017 Papers Minutes
2nd November 2016 Papers Minutes
7th September 2016 Papers Minutes