Equality, diversity and inclusion in our casework


The NHS’s most valuable resource is its people who are critical to the delivery of safe and effective patient care. The NHS workforce is more diverse today than at any point in its 75-year history, and that brings benefits for patients and taxpayers alike.

Practitioner Performance Advice recognise that staff may experience prejudice and discrimination – direct and indirect – that exist through behaviour, policies, practices and cultures against certain groups and individuals across the NHS workforce. Of particular relevance to our work, this may manifest as staff having worse experiences when things go wrong.

These experiences may differ based on protected or other characteristics, such as staff who are from an ethnic minority group, who qualified outside the UK, have a disability, identify as LGBTQIA+ or are an outgroup in the context in which they work.

Our goals

Practitioner Performance Advice is committed to supporting employers and practitioners so that all practitioners working in the NHS have an equitable and fair experience of the management of concerns about their practice which is not affected by their diversity.

Furthermore, their experiences will be inclusive, compassionate and person-centred, through their direct interactions with Practitioner Performance Advice, and likewise through the guidance we provide to employers regarding the local management of concerns.

Work programme

Practitioner Performance Advice is taking forward a number of activities to help achieve these goals. This includes specific objectives relating to our live experience research and the Medical Workforce Race Equality Standard (MWRES) ‘first five’ action plan. Details of our completed work in this area are available from the links below:

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