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Team reviews

Where concerns relate to the functioning of a clinical team, we can undertake a team review to identify any barriers to resolving the issues which have been highlighted and to suggest a plan for improving professional relationships within the team.

The circumstances in which we carry out a team review usually involve the following: issues of concern are usually longstanding, complex and deeply rooted; and the situation would benefit significantly from a fair and impartial view to clarify and communicate the net effects of the difficulties, as well as an exploration of the broader organisational context to the issues.

Where we have undertaken a team review, we will continue to support the healthcare organisation to implement the actions in order to ensure that necessary change is embedded in the team to achieve a resolution of the concerns.

Please read or download our Insights publication on team reviews, which looks at key themes and data from the reviews completed between November 2016 and March 2021. This publication shares information about team dysfunction and the adverse consequences that can arise from it, as well as our experience of what helps to enact positive change.

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