Team reviews

Where concerns relate to the functioning of a clinical team, we can undertake a team review to identify any barriers to resolving the issues which have been highlighted and to suggest a plan for improving professional relationships within the team.

The circumstances in which we carry out a team review usually involve the following: issues of concern are usually longstanding, complex and deeply rooted; and the situation would benefit significantly from a fair and impartial view to clarify and communicate the net effects of the difficulties, as well as an exploration of the broader organisational context to the issues.

A decision on whether to offer a team review will be made, by our Intervention Consideration Group (ICG), based on the individual circumstances of the case. Please see: Team Reviews – factors to consider in decision making.

Where we have undertaken a team review, we will continue to support the healthcare organisation to implement the actions in order to ensure that necessary change is embedded in the team to achieve a resolution of the concerns.

We have a team of eight Associate Advisers, a small cohort of experts, who will help to deliver our growing team review service. They bring a broad array of knowledge and skills from across the NHS healthcare environment and will invaluable to the development of the service.


Our Insights publications share analysis and research which draw on our in-depth experience providing expert, impartial advice and interventions to healthcare organisations to effectively manage and resolve concerns raised about the practice of individual healthcare practitioners.

Our team review Insight looks at key themes and data from the reviews completed between November 2016 and March 2021. It is intended to share information about team dysfunction and the adverse consequences that can arise from it, as well as our experience of what helps to enact positive change.

Case study

We have created our first team reviews case study which is designed to explore the process, explain why a team review may be necessary and the outcomes. While not based on a real case, it draws on real events and lessons learnt through cases referred to us. It joins our other team reviews resources on our website.

The Care Quality Commission and NHS Resolution are committed to working collaboratively to support and improve the quality of care provided within both the NHS and independent sectors. In particular both organisations are committed to improving the safety culture when teams are in difficulty and encouraging providers to seek the support of external organisations where appropriate, for example accessing Practitioner Performance Advice’s team review service – a step that both CQC and NHS Resolution consider can be a positive indicator of a well led organisation.

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