Assessment and remediation

Assessment and remediation

Our assessments help to clarify and understand the performance of individual practitioners (doctors, dentists and pharmacists), and provide the healthcare organisation and practitioner with a sound basis upon which to bring the case towards a resolution.

Our assessments are aimed at:

  • supporting the local management and implementation of timely and fair management solutions to resolve concerns about performance
  • enabling practitioners to return to safe and effective practice, where appropriate
  • helping to ensure public protection and patient safety.

The exact type of assessment we carry out will be dependent on the circumstances of the case.

Consideration of assessment policy statement

Our consideration of assessment policy statement related to cases where we are asked by an NHS employer or contracting organisation to consider whether to offer an assessment of an individual doctor, dentist or pharmacist about whom there are concerns.

A copy of our policy statement for considering such requests can be found here.

If you would like to know more about the above services and how to request them, please contact us and ask to speak to an Adviser. Practitioners can also refer to our general information pages for practitioners.


Do you have a question about Practitioner Performance Advice assessments that you need answered? Please read our FAQs page for further information.

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