About NHS Resolution

In April 2017 we brought together our services under the umbrella of a new operating name, NHS Resolution (formerly NHS Litigation Authority).

We also published Our strategy to 2022, which sets out a new strategic direction and how over the next five years, we will build upon our combined strengths to transform the way in which we use valuable NHS resources to benefit patients, resolve concerns and help to improve safety.

Our main functions operate in different contexts and jurisdictions but share expertise in the fair and efficient resolution of concerns, namely:

  • claims for compensation on behalf of the NHS in England (Claims Management service);
  • concerns about the performance of doctors, dentists and pharmacists (Practitioner Performance Advice service, formerly the National Clinical Assessment Service); and
  • appeals and disputes between primary care contractors and NHS England (Primary Care Appeals service, formerly the Family Health Services Appeal Unit).

Our main contribution to the NHS is to manage the cost that arise when things go wrong, as we work to compensate for negligent care and resolve concerns and disputes. A key component of our strategy addresses what we consider to be a duty to use what we know, to help to prevent the same thing happening again. This is where we have a unique contribution to make to the patient safety system and will work with others to improve patient safety. Our Safety and Learning service works with providers of NHS care to help them understand their own claims risk profiles in order to target their safety activity, and nationally to share learning from common themes in claims across the health service.

Our core functions are supported by the following departments:

  • Corporate services provides finance, human resources/organisational development, corporate governance, and business development and expertise;
  • the IT and Facilities team enables the organisation to deliver its services effectively and helps keep the information we hold safe with robust security controls; and
  • the Membership and Stakeholder Engagement directorate works at a corporate level to drive a customer-focused approach to delivery of our services.

You can see our organisation chart here which shows how we’re structured and where our UK offices are based.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to provide expertise to the NHS to resolve concerns fairly, share learning for improvement and preserve resources for patient care.

NHS Resolution

Our new name

In joining under a single name and strategy our teams share an ambition to:

  • harness synergies in skills and knowledge across our core service areas;
  • provide our customers with an integrated service offering, delivering fair resolution of concerns and disputes;
  • move ‘up-stream’ to help our customers implement processes to avoid disputes arising or ensure that they’re resolved earlier;
  • support the system, organisations and individuals to learn when disputes arise and prevent things going wrong in the first place by improving patient and staff safety ;
  • make best use of the levers within our control to incentivise the right behaviours at a system, organisation and an individual level;
  • work in partnership with the wider health and civil justice systems to inform policy making and deliver solutions;
  • engage effectively with customers and others to develop our services;
  • update our digital presence, moving our tools and services online wherever possible to provide more cost-effective and streamlined ways to work with us; and
  • take opportunities to improve productivity.

We operate in line with values developed with our staff: professional, expert, ethical and respectful. Our primary focus for the future remains to resolve concerns fairly. However, we also have a duty to use what we know, to help to prevent the same thing happening again. We are not a patient safety body and we cannot succeed in isolation, however we have a unique contribution to make to the patient safety system.


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