About NHS Resolution

NHS Resolution is an arm’s-length body of the Department of Health and Social Care.  We provide expertise to the NHS on resolving concerns and disputes fairly, sharing learning for improvement and preserving resources for patient care.

We recently published our new strategy for 2022 to 2025. The new strategy builds on the work undertaken since 2017 to focus on early intervention, and avoid unnecessary court action and other formal processes.

The 2022-23 business plan explains in detail how NHS Resolution will deliver its priorities over the next year and how the impact of its activities will be measured.

Our main functions are:

  • Claims Management: dealing with claims for compensation on behalf of the NHS in England;
  • Practitioner Performance Advice: managing concerns raised about the performance of doctors, dentists and pharmacists;
  • Primary Care Appeals: dealing with appeals and disputes between primary care contractors and NHS England; and
  • Safety and Learning: helping providers of NHS care to understand their own claims risk profiles to target safety activity and share learning across the health service nationwide.

Our core functions are supported by the following departments:

  • Corporate services: providing expertise in finance, human resources/organisational development, corporate governance and business development;
  • IT and Facilities: enabling us to deliver our services effectively and keep the information we hold safe with robust data security; and
  • Membership and Stakeholder Engagement: working at a corporate level to drive a customer-focused approach in the delivery of our services.

You can see our organisational chart.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to provide expertise to the NHS to resolve concerns fairly, share learning for improvement and preserve resources for patient care.

NHS Resolution



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