About NHS Resolution

In April 2017 we brought together our three functions under the umbrella of our new name, NHS Resolution.

This website sets out our new strategic direction and how over the next five years, we will build upon our combined strengths to transform the way in which we use valuable NHS resources to benefit patients, resolve concerns and help to improve safety.

We are on a journey to becoming NHS Resolution and we are in the process of developing a new website, merging both the NHS LA and NCAS websites into a single user-orientated website. This will go live on resolution.nhs.uk in early 2018.

In the interim, you can read about our five year strategy on resolution.nhs.uk.


Our three functions

NHS Litigation Authority (NHS LA) – providing indemnity schemes for the NHS in England and resolving claims for compensation fairly.

National Clinical Assessment Services (NCAS) – resolving concerns about the performance of individual practitioners.

Family Health Services Appeal Unit (FHSAU) – ensuring the prompt and fair resolution of appeals and disputes between primary care contractors and NHS England.


Our new name

NHS Resolution – delivering fair resolution and learning from harm to improve safety.

We operate in line with values developed with our staff: professional, expert, ethical and respectful. Our primary focus for the future remains to resolve concerns fairly. However, we also have a duty to use what we know, to help to prevent the same thing happening again. We are not a patient safety body and we cannot succeed in isolation, however we have a unique contribution to make to the patient safety system.

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Our strategy to 2022

Our strategy signals a move to an organisation which is more focused than before on prevention, learning and early intervention to address the rising costs of harm in the NHS. This means an earlier involvement, where we are well placed to respond sooner when something goes wrong, as well as identifying opportunities for prevention.

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The environment we work in

Our strategy envisages an extension of our role to be more involved in incidents at an earlier stage. This is how we will become more effective in preventing situations from escalating into unnecessary court action and resolving concerns in ways other than by litigation. This will improve the experience for those who are injured as well as ultimately addressing the level and cost of negligent harm.