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Practitioner Performance Advice offers behavioural assessments remotely

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, parts of the organisation swiftly adapted service delivery to meet the demands of the changing landscape. As part of this work, Practitioner Performance Advice is delivering behavioural assessments remotely to support organisations managing performance concerns. We are pleased that …

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Customer survey 2020

The results of our 2020 customer survey have been extremely positive, with 72 per cent of customers stating they were happy with the services we provide – another year-on-year increase overall. Some 96 per cent of Practitioner Performance Advice customers were satisfied with the service …

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New claims management coding to drive improvements in maternal and neonatal care

Marking the launch of the 20th international Group B Strep Awareness Month on 1 July, NHS Resolution has recently introduced a series of new learning codes to its claims management system to improve the identification of injuries suffered by babies in the neonatal period. The …

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