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Collaborating to improve maternity care: NHS Resolution hosts national maternity conference

NHS Resolution is welcoming clinical professionals from maternity teams across England to its free, face-to-face maternity conference next Monday. Bringing the unique lens of compensation claims to maternity safety the conference builds on NHS Resolution’s work as a national indemnity body working closely with trusts …

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Quicker resolution for families of babies with avoidable brain injury

NHS Resolution has today published the second report into its ground-breaking scheme driving proactive liability investigations and early resolution of birth injury cases to support families, staff and healthcare providers. Although the NHS remains one of the safest healthcare systems in the world within which …

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Diabetes and lower limb complications: A thematic review of clinical negligence claims

Standardised care and better education could prevent diabetic patients from undergoing amputations, preserve wellbeing and save the NHS money, an NHS Resolution report has found. The report identifies themes in compensation claims involving patients with progressive diabetes-related lower-limb complications that in the worst cases can …

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