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Practitioner Performance Advice

What we do

We provide impartial advice to healthcare organisations to effectively manage and resolve concerns raised about the practice of individual practitioners.

Practitioner Performance Advice (formerly the National Clinical Assessment Service, NCAS) was established in 2001 and is now a service delivered by NHS Resolution under the common purpose, to provide expertise to the NHS on resolving concerns fairly, share learning for improvement and preserve resources for patient care.

Practitioner Performance Advice provide a range of core services to NHS organisations and other bodies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland such as advice, assessment and intervention, training courses and other expert services.

Healthcare practitioners can face significant challenges in their work. Where practitioners are concerned about some aspect of their clinical performance or health, they can contact us directly for general advice. We can also provide information about other avenues of support that may be available to practitioners.

We believe that organisations should foster a just and learning culture which balances fairness, justice and learning when things have not gone as planned. For more information on this please see NHS Resolution’s ‘Being fair’ publication.

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Our core services

Healthcare Practitioner Alert Notices (HPANs)

We are responsible for the management of the Healthcare Professional Alert Notices (HPANs) system. This is a system where notices are issued by us to inform NHS bodies and others about health professionals who may pose a significant risk of harm to patients, staff or the public.


Our training courses aim to provide healthcare organisations with the knowledge and skills to identify and manage performance concerns locally. They also provide delegates the opportunity to share good practice and network with colleagues.