Risk Pooling Schemes for Trusts


The Risk Pooling Schemes for Trusts (RPST) is the collective name for two separate schemes covering non-clinical risks, the Liabilities to Third Parties Scheme (LTPS) and the Property Expenses Scheme (PES).

Both schemes date from 1 April 1999, and cover begins from that date, or from the date when the NHS organisation joined the scheme where that is later. NHS organisations may join either or both schemes. All NHS trusts and Foundation trusts in England currently belong to both schemes.

LTPS and PES claims are subject to excesses, with members responsible for funding below-excess claims themselves. We are happy to handle claims below the excess for members at no cost. Both schemes are funded by contributions from members and contributions are calculated on an annual basis using actuarial techniques, including the member’s previous claims experience.

In order to quicken the claims investigation process, claimants and their solicitors are encouraged to send a copy of any formal Letter of Claim by email to the non-clinical team at nhsr.rpst@nhs.net at the same time as the letter is sent to the defendant NHS organisation.

Queries about contributions should be directed to nhsr.income@nhs.net.


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