Reporting requirements for exclusions in secondary care

Supporting secondary care organisations in England in dealing with exclusions

NHS Resolution’s Practitioner Performance Advice service should be contacted for advice where a healthcare organisation is considering excluding, suspending or restricting a practitioner’s practice. Where patient safety is considered to be at risk or where there are allegations of serious misconduct, it is important for healthcare organisations to be able to take appropriate steps so that the situation can be investigated.

We work with healthcare organisations to help them consider the options available to them to understand and address the concerns, and to help ensure that their decisions are reasonable and proportionate to the circumstances. Where exclusion, suspension or restriction is thought to be appropriate, we will continue to work with the healthcare organisation to routinely monitor the position and advise on good practice, taking account of local and national policy requirements.

An adviser from the Practitioner Performance Advice service of NHS Resolution will be available to discuss exclusion cases with you and will keep exclusions under regular review.  If you would like to find out who your regional adviser is then please click here. They can be contacted by calling our advice line on 0207 811 2600.

Reporting on exclusions

The responsibility for monitoring and reporting on exclusions in secondary care in England passed from Strategic Health Authorities to NHS Resolution in 2013.

In line with the reporting requirements for monitoring exclusions of doctors and dentists under Maintaining High Professional Standards in the modern NHS (Department of Health, 2005), there is a mandatory requirement for NHS non-Foundation Trusts to submit any monthly statistical summaries relating to exclusions to (MHPS Part II para 38).

Whilst it is not mandatory for Foundation Trusts to send their monthly Board returns to NHS Resolution, it is strongly encouraged to ensure consistency of the application of the MHPS framework and will assist NHS Resolution in conducting and sharing research on exclusions in secondary care in England.


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