Coronavirus indemnity arrangements

In response to the coronavirus pandemic we have a number of indemnity arrangements in place, including specifically the below two schemes:

Clinical Negligence Scheme for Coronavirus (CNSC) has been established to meet liabilities arising from the special healthcare arrangements being put in place in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus Temporary Indemnity Scheme (CTIS) has been established to manage indemnity arrangements for activities carried out in response to the pandemic which are not covered by our other schemes, such as parts of Designated Settings Indemnity Support for care homes.

We have also provided information on indemnity arrangements for Covid-19 vaccinations.

Additional arrangements

Hotel discharge
To assist with the discharge of patients from hospital who require short term step down care, for example those awaiting social care packages, DHSC has worked with some hotel providers to arrange for the use of their premises. Such premises will be treated as the occupant’s temporary residence.

The hotel will be providing public liability and employer’s liability cover under the terms of their existing indemnity arrangements. Any ongoing clinical care, such as blood tests, will be conducted by the community trust in the usual way and covered under our CNST scheme.

Lateral flow community testing
To assist the national Test and Trace programme, indemnity cover is being provided under our CNSC scheme for local authorities who are running lateral flow testing for asymptomatic people. The local authority is commissioned by way of a collaborative agreement with DHSC. Any general queries concerning the arrangements should be directed by email to


An outline of all the indemnity arrangements that apply during the coronavirus pandemic is available in our documents Covid-19 Guidance for trusts and Covid-19 Guidance for general practice.

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